AR Residence

This interior design project aims to create a grand and luxurious living space with a cohesive and sophisticated design throughout. The lobby area will feature a grand entrance with marble cladding and a feature pendant light that sets the tone for the rest of the space. The formal living and dining areas will feature a monochromatic color scheme with a mixture of wall cladding and fluted cladding to create depth and texture. The marble flooring will add a touch of luxury to the space, while the feature lighting from FLOS and whitewash wood accents will provide a modern touch. The master bedroom will be divided into a sitting area and bedroom area with a feature wall that adds texture and interest. The whitewash wood accents and textured walls will create a relaxing and serene atmosphere, while the big wardrobe will provide ample storage space. The master toilet will exude luxury with travertine walls and a spacious layout.

  • Client

    Private Property

  • Location

    Dubai, UAE

  • Type


  • Service

    Interior Design

  • Status

    On going