MBG Residence

MBG interior design aims to create a modern and luxurious living space with a monochromatic color palette and the use of light wood and travertine elements. The living and kitchen areas will feature light wood cabinetry and shelving, while the travertine backsplash and countertops will add a touch of luxury. The master bedroom will feature Japanese-inspired design elements such as minimalistic furniture and a neutral color palette. The herringbone flooring will add a unique touch of texture to the space. The master toilet will be the focal point of luxury, with travertine walls and a shower and bath area that exude elegance. The parents' room will feature ample storage space and a comfortable living area with a view to the garden, creating a relaxing and serene atmosphere. Overall, this interior design project will combine modern design with natural elements to create a sophisticated and luxurious living space.

  • Client

    Private Property

  • Location

    Dubai, UAE

  • Type


  • Service

    Interior Design

  • Status

    On going