Area Beige

Area beige is a concept store located in Al Wasl Road, Dubai. The store joins multidisciplinary design fields into one space enabling designers, artists, and creative thinkers to start a conversation.

Through Area beige Studio D04 renovated a 30 year old villa and gave it a new experience. Re purposing an existing building to create a new way of inhabiting the space with minimal alterations that create a large impact. Area Beige acts as a model for the emerging trend to recycle and re-purpose old buildings that benefit our surrounding.

The intersection of volumes and materials are a translation of how the space allows different design disciplines to cross and overlap in Area Beige. The combination of neutral travertine floor tones, beige textured wall paint, and oak wood work together to bring harmony and peace to the space. Adding the element of green through natural leaves and trees adds softness and tranquility to the experience of the people walking in.

The challenge here was to up-cycle the Architecture from the 1990s into today’s contemporary context without having to do drastic material and structure changes in a short amount of time. Transforming it into a culture place coasting of different design and art fields.

  • Client

    Private Property

  • Location

    Dubai, UAE

  • Type


  • Service

    Architecture & Interior Design Renovation

  • Status

    Completed 2022

  • Acknowledgement

    Winner - Public Space - Interior Design - Identity Design Awards - 2022